Sandwich Mother's Club
Sandwich Mother's Club

About Us

Started in...


...2004, the Sandwich Mothers Club was started as a way for mothers to get together and do fun activities with their children.  The club provides a way for caregivers and their children to connect on a deeper level, through playgroups, weekly meet ups, and monthly events. 

SMC Believes...


  ...that whether you are looking to socialize your little ones, or want a night out with adults, we have you covered!  Raising  children is like nailing JELLO to a much fun and so frustrating all at the same time.  Let us nail our JELLO on the tree next to yours.    We provide experiences that you might not want to try alone!  We provide experiences that you might not want to try alone; Barre classes, try sushi, painting pottery, horse back riding, packing meals for CAPEKIDS, and more!

We are a...


...completely volunteer led non profit organization.  We aim to have fun with our kids, while also giving back.   Think you may want to join us?  

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